Who are we

Writing presentation and sorting it out to create something worth watching is our core service. We write presentations based on our customers subject and preferences to allow them to flourish while presenting it.

Our Benefits

Increasing sales

Informative presentation will uncover new ways to increase profit

Sense of Leadership

Being able to present and defend your idea before extraordinary individuals raises your leadership skills

The first impression

The best way to start working in a company is to blow them away with a perfectly executed presentation

Increase capital

Persuasive presentation can influence the people to provide monetary support to the project

Raise support

An excellent presentation will gather support of individuals who were against an idea before it

Improve standing

Being able to defend a presentation in front of a large audience will raise their opinion on the speaker

Services we provide


The creation of interactive PowerPoint presentations is the core service that we offer. We create presentations based on our client preferences and the audience that will be present. Check our site for more info about PowerPoint and other software for display.

Video presentations

Video presentations are easier to accomplish for people that aren’t comfortable with talking in front of a live audience. For us, it’s almost same except that we have a freedom of using whatever software we want. This flexibility results in better presentations.

Cleverly designed brochures

Some of our clients want to improve their websites by marketing them through cleverly designed brochures. This is one of our services as those advertisements take a form of presentation. They are there to interest the viewer about the subject in question.


Having to present my opinion in front of influential business people on a regular basis is something I would consider impossible without the help of Cemmp. They create presentations that help me present my cases and receive positive feedback

says Roland H.

I wouldn’t be a part of a large financial institution without perfect presentations I executed. A Large portion of credits lies on Cemmp, a company that created presentations based on my ideas and insight and that collaboration helped both of the parties

says Anna D.

Standing before hundreds of people and presenting my project is something I have to do from time to time. Due to that, I have started cooperating with Cemmp as they can create a presentation that I can use in my work

Says Robert B.

How our service works in 3 simple steps

1. Step - Information Gathering

The first step is information gathering. We ask our client about several different aspects of the presentation. We gather info so we can create a presentation that will suit our client.

2. Step - Creation of the presentation

The second step is the creation of the presentation. We apply all data from our client and create a presentation that reflects desires that our client has.

3. Step - Writing the text

The third step is writing down a text that our client will use while presenting their project. This part is done in close collaboration with our client to remove any inconsistencies.

Most asked questions from our customers

How long does it take to make a presentation?

The length of time for the creation of a presentation relies heavily on two things. One of those things is the urgency, and the other one is the subject of the said presentation.

How can we make contact with you?

We are readily available to our clients. People who aren’t our customers can send us an email, and we will respond it if we can. Those that want to become our customers will get contacted by our support, and the will be able to engage in one-on-one calls to confirm the request they have.

Do you provide presentation training?
How can you write about such diverse subjects?

Our team consists of people whose skills in presentation creation are superb. We hire other parties to write the content of the presentation. Those individuals belong to companies that are focused on writing rather than work in software like we do.

If you client makes an urgent request?

If you client makes an urgent request, then we will focus on that project, and that will cost more than a standard application.

Why choose us?

We create the best presentations because we hire professionals to both to write content and create presentations. The combination of these two things makes us the best in the market.

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